E-Magazine – Shaabd

Share your creativity and experience with alumni and M.I.T. Muzaffarpur

Expand your universe

Everything printable (except politics) is welcome. If you can talk about it, you can also write it for sure:

Happenings in mess, lectures, tutorials, play grounds, cultural clubs and festivals, interaction with faculty, issues in college, outings, vacation, journeys, exams and quizzes, creative explosions, eccentrics Vs. genius, and current happenings on the campus, the list is endless, and so must be our collective memories.

Let us share them.

Contents for ‘Shaabd‘ can either be in English or Hindi. E-mail ID and phone number (If available) of the contributor will be printed with every entry for continuing relationships.

Due credit will be given for each piece to its author. If the matter has been published elsewhere previously, the writer should mention it along with a statement that there is no copyright issue if it is republished in ‘Shaabd‘. Responsibility for ensuring originality and correctness of information remains with the author and the Alumni Association or the editor will not be a party to the views or matter submitted for publishing in the ‘Shaabd‘.

Submissions should be in plain text or an easily editable format. Photographs and sketches should be submitted in the jpg/jpeg format.

Please send your original writings, poems, photos, drawings, etc. to _____________ with a CC to ________________